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Term of Use

This Website is owned and managed by Pier Elan a company operating under German law.


Pier Elan is referred to as "We", "Us" and "Our" in these Terms, while "Client", "You" or "Your" refer to any individual that uses our Website.


If you would like to use our Website, purchase our products and services, or access any of our free or paid offerings, you must carefully read these Terms.


As a user of our Website, you admit and agree that you were given reasonable notice of these Terms when you accessed our Website and/or any of our Offerings.


You expressly agree to be bound by these Terms, and our Privacy Policy, regardless of whether or not you read them. By using our website or any of our services, or by clicking to accept or agree to these Terms when the option is provided. you're agreeing to be bound by these terms and our Privacy Policy. If you don't agree with any of these, you shouldn't use our site. Thanks for understanding!


Should you not agree with these Terms or our Privacy Policy, you must cease using and accessing our Website and Offerings immediately.


We are committed to updating our website as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that everything you find on our site is exact, complete, or current.


Without notice, we reserve the right to change or discontinue any Offering on our website, in whole or in part, at any time.


If we modify, charge a different price, suspend, or discontinue any Offering, we will not be responsible to you or anyone else.


If you wish to have any of your personal information and/or access to our Website removed, you may email us at and we will make reasonable efforts to comply with your request.


Our Privacy Policy contains further information about how your personal information is collected, processed, and stored.


Consent and Use of Products and Services


Our Website provided reasonable notice to you that these Terms of Use existed when you bought or signed up for any Offering.


The purchase or access of any Offering is an implied agreement for you to adhere to these Terms of Use, acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy, and abide by any disclaimers.


Additionally, you certify that you are at least the legal age of majority in your country or 18 years old and that you are an entrepreneur if you buy or access any Offering.


It is against our terms of use for minors to buy or access our Offerings, and we reserve the right to end your access if such discovery arises.


A contract has been signed


Clicking the "Buy" button after completing the order process on the website or on our email concludes a contract between the customer and Pier Elan.


A confirmation email from us after completing the order process is not a requirement for concluding a contract.


Technology requirements


It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the customer's side meets the technical requirements for receiving the products.


Customers should also be able to access software capable of opening, managing, editing, and printing the files and content when requested.


Customer care

Customer support is available from Pier Elan.


For this purpose, Pier Elan provides the email address


However, legal claims concerning customer service cannot be made.


Prices / Current Payment Conditions 


Pier Elan offers some products for free and others for a cost.


Price information can be found on the product description page and/or the order form.

Prices do not include German VAT of 19%.

"According to Section 19 UStG, no sales tax is charged.”

Sales Tax Law (When VAT will be payable)


VAT is not charged when you order from another country as a company; the reverse charge applies. You must provide your sales tax identification (VAT) number in this case.

Any damage resulting from incorrect VAT ID numbers is not Pier Elan - Xclicksmax's responsibility.

The buyer must compensate us for any tax disadvantage arising from the necessary sales tax ID number information.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide his VAT number correctly.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all details on the order match the information on the invoice.


The invoice can't be changed afterward.



Payment options


Pier Elan can use third-party companies to process payments.


This company will be listed during the order process.



Payments made by credit card


"Pier Elan (Xclicksmax)" is the identification on the credit card statement.


Keeping a copy of the transaction details in a safe place is best.


Payments & Reimbursements


Our website displays all prices in USD.


​We maintain the right to change our prices at any time and without prior notice.


Refund Policy


Refunds are not available for digital content products.



Cancellation policy


Cancellation policy for digital content purchased via download or files (including subscription software).




Without giving any reason, you can cancel an Order within 14 days.


After the contract has been signed, you have 14 days to cancel it.


The customer receives a welcome email from the company with the invoice, data to complete the payment, and information to get the product.


To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact us (Pier Elan, Nordstr. 17, 97299 Zell a. Main, Germany, email, informing clearly (a letter sent by post, or email) about your decision to withdraw from a contract.


To meet the deadline, you must exercise your right to cancel before the expiration (14 days) of the cancellation period.


Exclusion of the right of withdrawal after execution of the contract


All orders for digital content are binding when you expressly agree to the contract's execution by completing a payment.
YOU have the right to cancel your order and receive a 90% refund of the amount paid for the product up to 14 days after purchasing an Offer as long as you have not started the download or received the product file.

When you consent to the download or receive the product file, you confirm that you know the expiry of your right of withdrawal.

After the implementation of the contract through the start of the download or the receipt of the product files, revocation is no longer possible.


If you cannot complete a download or open a file please contact Pier Elan customer support (


You are responsible for protecting your digital content, including any loss caused by a computer or hard drive failure. Creating a backup of your data is highly recommended.

Consequences of the withdrawal


When you cancel a contract, we must refund 90% of all payments received from you at the latest within 14 days of the date we receive your cancellation notification.


For this repayment, we will refund you using the same payment method as the original transaction unless we expressly agree to something else with you. Fees will not be incurred in connection with this repayment.



Customers' email addresses will be used to deliver their goods.


Implementation of third-party applications


Some third-party applications are used by our Website and Offering.

Some of our products and services, such as payment processing and digital newsletters, are delivered using third-party applications.

The Privacy Policy provides more information regarding collecting, storing, and processing your personal information.

You are responsible for reviewing the terms of use for any such applications provided by third parties.

You must cease using our Website and our Offering immediately if you are not satisfied with the terms of use for any third-party application used on our Website.



Marketing information


You grant us a non-revocable, commercial license to use any material or marketing information you provide us via our Website or the platform we use to provide you with the product.



We cannot guarantee anything

Our Website or our Offerings may reference certain results, outcomes, or situations; however, you acknowledge and understand that we do not guarantee the accuracy of any statements or testimonials provided by third parties or the likelihood that you will achieve the same results.


Earnings Disclaimer


You acknowledge that individual results may vary.


Client testimonials and case studies are not a guarantee of success.


A number of factors outside our control influence how each individual uses our Offering. These include their products, past experiences, income level, motivation, and financial status.


If you access our Website, purchase, or participate in an Offering, we cannot guarantee your success or financial gain.


Our Website and/or any Offering are provided on an "as is" basis, without warranties. You assume all risk of loss or damage incurred by using our Website and/or any Offering.

Pier Elan offers users information and educational resources designed to help them succeed in business and in other endeavors.


Pier Elan cannot control or predict your ultimate success or failure since your efforts, your specific situation, and a myriad of other factors will determine it.


Affiliates Disclaimer


Some of the products and services on our website may be sold through affiliate links.


We carefully select the products we promote to ensure that you have a great benefit, however, we deny all responsibility in the event you purchase a product or service through one of the links, including without limitation, shipment, payment, quality, and security.


The best we can do is notify you when and where we have provided affiliate links.


Our Website or related communications contain affiliate links, and you accept full responsibility for clicking the affiliate links.


If you are interested in joining an affiliate program or buying a product through an affiliate link, you must read its terms and conditions.



Full Agreement


As a user of our Website and any of our offerings, you agree that these Terms of Use, together with our Privacy Policy, constitute the entire agreement between us


Governing Law and Jurisdiction


Our Terms and Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the Bayern Länder and the federal laws of Germany as applicable.


The court in Würzburg in Bayern shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement.


Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the exclusion of international private law and UN sales law.


It is understood and agreed that if any of these Terms are found invalid, illegal, or incapable of enforcement, the validity, legality, and enforceability of all other conditions will remain intact, as permitted by law.

All Rights Reserved

We may update and change these Terms at any time, and you should review them periodically.

Our current Terms are available at any time on this page.

By continuing to access or use the website and/or offering, you are accepting any changes to our Terms.

Our Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use reserve all rights not expressly granted.

Affiliate Disclaimer

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