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Hi, I am Pier 


My business journey...



It all started when I was 15. My father asked me: do you want to study or work? To be honest with myself I said: work. Studying wasn't for me, I just liked sports. After my first year of accounting study, my father takes me to Germany where I would learn to become an ice cream maker. His plan was to buy an ice cream shop soon. It was the end of June and the summer holidays were beginning. I remember the sadness of leaving my country, and my mother, sister, cousin, and aunt who came to visit. They lived in Jesolo and every summer we spent a month together at sea...

Summer was the best time of my life. Sea, fun, and freedom. No school just friends to play with. Instead, on a rainy day, we left for Germany.


1980 - 1987

I spent then 7 years working 10-12 hours daily. In the end, I was exhausted. My father then sold the ice cream shop.



Determined to change profession, I remained at the end an ice cream maker. To simplify the future of the family, after some employee experiences, I opened a small takeaway ice cream shop.

With experience, the quality of the product also improved and business was booming.

This year I discovered Network Marketing with NSA. 



I decided to open a second shop.

However, despite the increasing appreciation for the service and the quality of the product offered, profit margins were shrinking.

I was too focused on improving the quality of the product but scarcely aware of the economic managerial factor.

Innovation has always attracted me



I discovered LifeWave, a Network Marketing company, due to my passion for fitness.

I bought my first PC and connected it FOR THE FIRST TIME to the internet. So I tried to promote iLifewave products.

This is how my digital marketing journey began. When I had a few minutes, I connected to the internet to promote my products.


Until then, I didn't even know how to turn on a PC, and my English was also almost Zero.


Having very little money available, I had to learn everything by myself and from scratch.

Web design, digital marketing, social marketing, affiliate marketing, etc ...

A lot of time has passed with no results

This has prompted me to seek more and more information to achieve success.



I wanted to increase revenue, Also instead of just selling ice cream in my shop, I decided to offer pizza too.


I did a pizza chef course


I needed more space in the shop to make pizzas.

After some research, I discovered that it was possible to sell ice cream made fresh (like on tap). So where I used to produce ice cream I had found the space to make pizzas.


The ice cream was something great. Made fresh, so creamy, tastier, and even less caloric.

Result: A 60% drop in turnover.

Old customers were upset by this change. They thought the ice cream sold that way was the classic Soft Ice Cream. In Germany, Soft Ice Cream has a bad reputation for past events when it became a business and attracted many people interested only in making money but who did not have due diligence in cleaning machinery.


This created hygiene problems by creating salmonella infections.


But the new customers and the old ones who tried the new type of ice cream were instead enthusiastic.



Slowly old disappointed customers began to return, but it was too late. 

However great satisfaction: Never got so huge tips in the past.



After five years, compelled by a significant drop in revenue, I had to shutter the business.

In hindsight, it proved to be a wise decision. The subsequent year ushered in the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Focused on digital marketing

I realized that Copywriting was the key to success in sales.


I founded Xclicksmax, a digital marketing agency.


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